• The fluffier your pampas, the more likely it is to get a little squashed during the delivery process and change shape. By leaving your pampas grass out in the sun or using a blow dryer you will be able to will bring your pampas grass back to it's original state and increase the volume of the feather/hair.  Please ensure this is done on paper or newspaper as with dyed products colour may transfer.  The Pampas Studio UK will not assume responsibility for dye transfer.
  • The feather length and fluffiness varies between each plume.
  • Shedding varies between each plume and your pampas may shed when shaken or stirred. Don’t worry though, a quick spray of hairspray or floral sealant will help fix this.
  • If cared for properly your pampas grass can last 1 - 3 years plus. Dried grass is delicate and can shed, please handle it as little as possible and keep away from direct sunlight, heat and water. Please allow a few days for the plumes to take shape once received and placed within your vase.


We aim to offer our clients exactly what is ordered, but due to certain conditions, there may be variations from what you see on our website and what you see in person. 

The died colours you see on our website can vary in person due to the colour variations of each photograph and each computer screen. Multiple factors can affect colour display, none of which we have any control of.

Certain dyed products may migrate to lighter colours. This phenomenon is increased by humidity and temperature, and is irreversible. The Pampas Studio UK will not assume responsibility for dye transfer